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  • tylervaughn 9:16 pm on October 1, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Blogging on Behalf of Life 

    The fight for life

    The fight for life

    Just wanted to let all of my friends know that I am officially one of the new writers and contributers for Bound4Life’s blog. In case you don’t know about Bound 4 Life, they are a group that is currently based out of Washington and they are leaders in the fight against abortion and all of the governmental policies that make abortion possible.

    You will not get a better and more informative place on the web in the Pro-Life Movement. Bound 4 Life has many chapters throughout the U.S. that daily prayer meeting on behalf of the sanctity of life.

    Picture 9They are famous for their approach through the use of “Life Tape” at their protest. Bound 4 Life protesters do not protest through hate and violence but pray through silence on behalf of the millions of children whose voices have been taken away from them.

    If you want to learn more about what is going on in the fight against abortion, learn how you can get involved, know how to pray, and learn what is really going on in our country through the killing of innocence then check out Bound 4 Life and join us in the fight against abortion!!!!!!!!

    Where you can go to check it out on the web—-

    Bound4Life Blog

  • tylervaughn 3:59 pm on October 1, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    I love these guys approach 

    Check out this video.  We truly are a civilization that is being controlled by the media unless you have a brain that works as a seperate entity from the mainstream, which would be ideal for anyone.  Check them out.  It’s more humorous than anything.

  • tylervaughn 5:20 am on September 9, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    If anyone has vinyl records they want to… 

    If anyone has vinyl records they want to get rid of or don’t use and want to share, send em my way. I’m not about to put my info right out there for the world so you’ll have to let me know first.

  • tylervaughn 4:43 pm on August 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Everything is not Right with the World 


    First you must watch this comedic yet somewhat true clip from Craig Ferguson. ************* 


    Second you read the following post and comment. *********************

    I just have to say that I wish we had this subject was reversed back to the way it used to be, when the old were the leaders and we listened to them as the youth, not the youth determining the culture.  I think that youth is simply a blank slate, that if properly taught, will learn from all the hardships, wisdom, and guidance from the old and then build off of their predecessors success and go further than the previous generation.  That is the way it worked for us to go from era to era and progress as humans and cultures.  Now we have youth leading other youth, instead of the old leading the youth.

    (More …)

    • Caleb Ripple 9:27 pm on August 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      God has all the gold and we ALL work for Him…

      Great post! The Holy Spirit has been dealing with us as a church when it comes to this very thing (the importance of being intergenerational). It is my firm belief that as the church goes so goes society and this problem didn’t begin in society or in the world but rather in the church. I would go so far as to say however that if we deem our solution to be simply elders, we have missed the point. The solution is the Gospel, the apostle’s doctrine. Lets face it doctrine has become a four letter word to a good portion of the “relevant church” and in the cases where they (*speaking generally) hold to doctrine it isn’t the apostle’s doctrine at all! (case in point: I also don’t believe for one second that if “the youth” all got together and said “to hell with your health care Pelosi, Reid, and B.O., and while you’re at it enough of the Public Education scam!” that the money and power hungry government would budge on what they would do if it were afforded to them.

      All this being said, i do heartily agree that there is an ailment due to a lack of intergeneration oneness. It is my belief that the unadulterated Gospel is the perfect remedy.

  • tylervaughn 4:02 pm on August 11, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Take Me to Your Leaders 

    I wanted to take a second and encourage everyone, whether you are Democrat or Republican, for the Health Reform or against it, whether you are for “Big government” or “small government”. If you are a Christian, you should not be making the tension worse by speaking out against our government if you are not praying. Logic and common sense are not the weapons that God gave us. Prayer is our foremost weapon.

    There is a very cool, easy to use, and genius site that JHOPDC put together that will help you to remember to be praying for our leaders and gives you a very easy way of calling them out by name when you pray. I just would like to encourage and even dare you to add it as your homepage so that every time you boot up you will be reminded to be praying for them. Amuse me and just check it out. The last thing we need is more ranting and raving lunatics working out of the flesh. We need people with a timely word and fervent prayers. Check it out….

    First of All

    Picture 2

  • tylervaughn 5:47 pm on August 10, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Vinyl is Music to My Ears 

    My mother-in-law blessed me with a very very early birthday present this weekend. It’s early cause my birthday isn’t till December. She gave me a record player. I have been searching for one for a year now, and she brought me one this past weekend.

    There is nothing like lounging around and listening to old and new records. I sat down this weekend for about an hour and just chilled and listened to the records I have. From the old but good stuff I have on 45’s like Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, Fats Domino, Kenny Rogers, and BB King to my new stuff like Explosions in the Sky.

    There is really nothing like it. Digital sounds to perfect sometimes. I like to hear the genuine sound that comes from records. I like imperfections. They show we are human and real. And there truly is nothing like the art of music. I plan on spending many hours around that record player with the family just listening to the art of the past 100 years. It’s so much better than watching the stuff that is on television. XPLP03

    • Miss C 2:05 am on December 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Absolutely! I am not a big fan of compression–makes everything, as you stated, too perfect. Too flat and lacking the depth of the flaws that make music rich in the first place. I read once that music is emotion set to a melody–I know few if any people with even levels of emotion at all times, why should our music be?

  • tylervaughn 8:58 pm on August 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    In the Studio 

    We are have been working on in the studio for months.  I have no concept of time.  No idea how long it has been now.  Everything runs together, and everything feels like one very long day.  I am excited about the tracks and what the sound is that is coming out of the band.  As soon as I have the slightest little piece of music that I can share with you all I will put it up soon.

    Liberty helping engineer

    Liberty helping engineer

    With the big move to Texas coming within a month we are in crunch time and have to get all the tracking done before the move.  We are currently working on vocals so we are close.  This is where it’s gets really rough on you physically, but it’s all good.  God has given us tons of grace to get this done on time.

    Wait.... Phil doesn't play guitar?!?!

    Wait.... Phil doesn't play guitar?!?!

    We still have few months ahead before we are ready to release it and wrap it up.  Still have the rest of the tracking and touch ups, editing, mix downs, and mastering.  So we are a little over half way done.

    Working on bass tracks with mix master Mike

    Working on bass tracks with mix master Mike

    It’s going well.  Becky just moved to Dallas last week but got all of her violin parts tracked and they sound great.  Then Jed Kasica drove down from Grand Rapids, MI and played cello on quite a few tracks.  The strings on this album are off the hook.  Just extremely well done.

    The usual crap that we drink to keep us going

    The usual crap that we drink to keep us going

    I’m excited to share all of the new stuff with everyone soon.  Thanks for all the prayers.  They have helped get us through some really long days and nights.

  • tylervaughn 5:37 am on July 30, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    The most important governmental decision of the decade!!!! Very important….please read!!!! 

    Hi friends, family, and people I have yet to meet.  I wanted to take a second a stress to you how URGENT it is to go to the following site: QUICK REVIEW AND INSIGHT INTO THE PROPOSED OBAMA HEALTH CARE BILL


    We are facing a most obvious adversary of death in our country and it could all be ushered in by our current government if we do not pray and take action by contact our local representatives and senators and make our voice heard.  Whether you are a democrat or a republican, it doesn’t matter.  This is not a call for silly extremist.  This is a simple call for the preservation of our freedom in America.

    I have a brother who has special needs, therefore this proposed bill hits home for me when in Pg. 354 Sec. 1177 – Government will RESTRICT the enrollment of special needs people!  Or the fact that I have grandparents, like all of us, just like you, that are in danger of what it reads on many pages like Pg 425 Lines 4-12 Government mandates Advance [Death] Care Planning Consult. Think Senior Citizens end of life.

    Please go and click the link above and no matter what side of the isle you think you’re on (as if it really matters), go and read on this bill, because whether you are Christian, Muslim, Athiest, or just plain clueless, this bill will have a great detrimental impact on our lives here in America and we must act fast since this is already before our Officials.


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